Article 2 - Membership

20. The Members are the applicants for the incorporation of the VPS, and those persons and organisations who subsequently have become Members. All subsequent applicants for membership who have met the criteria set within these bylaws shall be called a Member except for those who cease to be a Member under the clauses set within these bylaws.

21. A person or organisation may apply to the VPS for membership and on acceptance by the Directors shall become a Member.

22. Every Member shall uphold the constitution of the VPS and comply with these bylaws and all laws of British Columbia and the Government of Canada which govern the VPS.

23. There are two categories of membership:

a. Individual Members, and

b. Organisations.

24. An organisation that has joined the VPS shall appoint one representative for the purpose of voting at an SGM or an AGM. The representative shall provide an authenticating letter from the organisation upon registration.

25. The initial membership dues shall be determined by the Directors and subsequent membership dues shall be determined at the AGM of the VPS by an ordinary motion.

26. A person shall cease to be a Member of the VPS.

a. by delivering his resignation in writing to the Secretary of the VPS or by mailing or delivering it to the VPS Registered Address, corporation, upon dissolution,

b. on his death or in the case of a

c. on being expelled.

27. A Member may be expelled by a special resolution of the Members passed at an AGM or SGM.

a. the notice of special resolution for

b. the person or organisation who is the

c. all expulsions are for a period of 3 years expulsion shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the reason or reasons for the proposed expulsion, subject of the proposed resolution for expulsion shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the AGM or SGM before the vote is called on the special resolution, from the date of expulsion after which said person or organisation may apply for membership with the VPS.

28. All Members are Members in Good Standing except:

a. a Member who has failed to pay his

b. where a Member owes a debt to the VPS

c. a Member not in Good Standing for one current annual membership fee ceases to be a Member after the next AGM and shall be struck from the Registry of Members; or which has been outstanding for greater than 30 days, the Member is not in good standing, year will be removed from the Registry of Members and barred from membership so long as the debt is owing,

d. a Member not in Good Standing who

e. Members not in Good Standing are settles the outstanding debt with the VPS is then considered a Member in Good Standing,

ineligible to vote at AGM, SGM, or sub-committee meetings.

29. With the exception of a Member who has been expelled from the VPS, any Member whose membership has ceased and all outstanding debts have been settled may immediately reapply to become a Member of the VPS after all outstanding debts have been settled.

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